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How much fat should I be eating if I want to lose weight?
Posted by Jayson Hunter, Last modified by on 22 April 2011 11:18 AM
The question should be not just "how much," but also "what type" of fat should you be eating if you want to lose " fat. " Despite what you may have been led to believe, not all fat is bad. There is some fat that is absolutely essential for your health, and for fat loss. That type of fat contains the essential fatty acids, omega 3 and omega 6. These fats are essential , because your body cannot produce them, so they must come from the foods you eat. Sources of EFA's are raw (meaning uncooked, unprocessed, unheated) seeds and oils coming from plants, and from cold-water fish like salmon and tuna. The best sources are (starting with the best) oil and seeds from flax seed, sunflower seed, sesame seed, and pumpkin seed; extra virgin olive oil, avocado, and raw nuts-including almonds, cashews etc. In fact, they are essential for enhancing your metabolism, for optimum brain function, and optimum energy. How much of the essential fats do you need? The optimum amount of raw fats/oils is one tablespoon of raw oil or 1/4 cup of raw seeds/nuts per meal. Good fats can also be eaten alone without disrupting your blood sugar level. A hand full of raw almonds or nuts of any kind is a great snack. An omega 3/6 raw oil blend mixed with balsamic vinegar makes a great salad dressing. On the other hand, if you want to be lean, high energy and healthy, you want to limit the amount of bad fats (that is saturated, processed, hydrogenated, and fried fats including red meats, whole dairy, butter, margarine and store-bought vegetable oils, except extra virgin olive oil). These fats will make you fat, disrupt your hormonal balance, and increase your risk of disease (by increasing inflammation and decreasing blood flow). You can instead consume EFAs through a high quality supplement such as VGF25+ for Men and Women.
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